Saturday, February 18, 2012

Still with the BLM

And that's a good thing! My BLM trail building partner, David Lyster, and I are just about wrapped up with construction of the South Branch hiking and mountain biking trail at Meadowood Special Recreation Area in Lorton, Virginia. We're currently building a 300 foot long boardwalk on that trail. The other obstruction is a 100 foot wide gas pipeline right of way crossing that is always muddy. Then we've got some armoring to do here and there and the trail will be complete!

We also need to wrap up repairs on equestrian trails that were damaged by Tropical Storm Lee and a 500 year flood last September. The repairs will involve a mix of lots of hands and hard labor, and big artillery (40,000 pound excavators!) The picture (above right) is of a 8 foot wide, twenty foot long bridge we built, that washed 300 feet downstream.

Next up will be mountain bike specific trails with the BLM at Meadowood. Not quite sure what the flavor will be just yet, but they will be progression based, connect to the existing South Branch trail, and total 2-3 miles.

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